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He's ok if he's not the fastest on the block, but that doesn't lead him to treat cycling like an adult kickball league as so many do. Cycling is important. It's ok to train for it. It's ok to want to be faster, because that's actually more fun than sucking completely. At the same time, being fast doesn't make you better than anyone else, and he knows that, too.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Four Random Things

Dear Reader,

a few random things for today.

I finally got a haircut. It was greatly needed.
I suspect that the woman down at the super-cuts-hair-stylery-fashion-gap is from a wrestling family. She definitely had heavy hands as she pushed my head left, pulled it right, and pulled my ears to cut around them. I was pretty sure at one point she was ready to give me a full on cross-face. While not the most relaxing hair cut I have ever had, she did a nice job. Man, I needed a hair cut.

Where my heart lies
I was talking to my buddy last weekend after our respective races. He is a pretty accomplished mountain bike racer, and just scratching the surface of what he can do in cross. This was his first full cross season, and man he jumped in like a cannonball.He was at the hardest race he could find every weekend. I have much respect for him and that approach. It would have been easy to downgrade to a cat 4 and steal some results.

Sunday he had a really good race, and I wished him well. He said, "I have had fun racing cross this year, learned a lot, but I also know from this season that I am a mountainbiker at heart. Cross is really hard." I kinda chuckled, and replied, "it has been a very good season, and looking at myself I have to admit, I learned this fall that in my heart I am a cyclocrosser... I'm doomed."  We both laughed.

Andy Van der Haar
Sunday, Mike D (the awesome cross official not the Beastie Boy), gave us the one minute warning at the start. We all threw our jackets off. My buddy Andy and I were kind joking around as we staged, and he suddenly got good and crouched ready to start. I had missed Mike D (the awesome cross official not the Beastie Boy) give the 30 second warning as I was goofing around a bit. So I look over at Andy and say, "man, check you out Andy van der Haar! " and sure enough the whistle went off.. I was kinda unprepared but luckily had at least one foot clipped in..." Damn, karma bit me in the ass there... That's what I get for being a smart ass...

Unremarkable Movie
Sunday night, Monk and I watched a pretty unremarkable movie. It was entertaining. But nothing I would really recommend to anyone. This is perhaps the part I remember most:  the protagonist was pouring a gallon of gas on her car as she prepared to torch it. She looks at the camera and says, "$4 a gallon of gas- Thanks Obamacare!" Diane and laughed out loud, because you know Obamacare has nothing to do with the cost of gas, and well Obama- everything...  Regardless of your political slant, I hope you can see the humor there.. Anyway that was the best part of the movie, which is why I wouldn't recommend it...

I'm feeling pretty good about this haircut.


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Skyline Grill Ugly.

Dear Readers,

I still need a haircut. Maybe this week.

Movin' for Mallory Happy Hour
Friday Night Movin' for Mallory had a happy hour at a local watering hole (the Skyline Grill). The owners of Henry's Bike Shop daughter has CF. They have been doing great stuff getting the cycling community rally around fundraising for CF research. I like community movements.

A few weeks back Matt asked if I could guest bar tend for a half hour or so. I agreed. He promised I would only need to pour beers. Flash forward to Friday night. I got held up at work, and was late. Shit, I totally missed my shift. I tried to call Matt, or message him. I couldn't get him. I felt awful.

So Diane and I showed up at the Skyline Grill an hour late. I found Matt and apologized for missing my shift. He smiles at me and says, "dude, get back there now!"
a four count of whiskey what!!??
And I did. I was terrified. What I had expected would be just pouring beer. It also ended up with me making a few missed drinks, which was totally crazy. I think I sweat through my shirt in 20 seconds, not because it was hot, but because I was scared to death. Too much vodka, not enough Captain Morgan. Doesn't anyone drink beer anymore? What do you mean what kind of beer do we have?

Thankfully the real bar tender was a saint and incredibly helpful. Thankfully, my half hour make up shift went by very quickly! I have new found respect for the bar keeps!

Best of all! The evening raised over $3000 for CF research! Yeah!

What's that you say? You'd love to help support our communities CF research efforts? Well, good news my friend. Henry's Bikes is sponsoring a 24hr Spinnathon on Black Friday. The Vanderbacon Family Picnic has signed up for an hour (5pm-6pm!)  and we are looking to raise $1000 for our hour! We are a little more than half way there! If you'd like to help out with a donation it would be greatly appreciated!  YOU CAN GIVE HERE!

Kutztown Cross Day 2 a PACX Event

Kutztown was a fun race. Small field, absolutely worst start of the year for me. Missed my pedal and I had to be DFL off the line. I punched it a bit and got up to the wheels I wanted to race with. I proceeded blow two corners that forced me to put a foot down to save the ship. I chased, but couldn't get back on. By the end of the second lap, I was gaped off and had a dude from SRAM covering me pretty tightly... I tried to up the pace on the back section and I got a little space....The final two laps Joe P (55+ leader) was closing... He kept me honest the rest of the race as I finished up...
This corner was the scourge of my existence today.

And yeah, I'm probably getting a uniform fine... It was cold...

Looking at lap times I was very consistent. Consistent is good. I'll take it.

I like the Kutztown course. Bob and his team do a nice job. The new dirt rollers were a cool feature, and I always like the tight and hard corners that Bob lays out. A set of barriers today would have been nice. Very fun day. Thanks to the Bob and the Vortex crew for their work.

man, I need a haircut.

thanks to Jenn Sears for the racing pictures...

Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

a blog about our broken washing machine

Dear Readers,

I still need a haircut.

Last night Diane and I  were doing laundry.

Diane went up to switch the load from the washer to the dryer. The washing machine door would not open and was stuck locked.  We bumped it. Gave it the Fonzie. Even my best " that New England Bullshit" Hip but it still wouldn't open.

I sent Diane to the google for ideas.

The google suggested running a short spin cycle.- No luck.
The google then suggested unplugging the washer and let it sit for 10 minutes- fail.

Diane was getting frustrated.  "My clothes are stuck in there! All my underwear!"

I responded, "all your underwear! lost forever! We'll have to go underwear shopping immediately, I'll get my coat! "

She was not excited as I was at this potential shopping trip.

Back to the google. I saw a cool trick were a dude used a little wire and popped the door right open. It is clear that I do not have such skills.  Fail again.

One last shot with the google. I found a video where a dude tipped up the washer and reached through the bottom to unlatch the release. This had promise.

Our laundry room is actually a closet. It's tight. But we twisted, turned and finally got the washer up on it's edge. I reached under the washer and into the inside.

Danger Monkey flew into full action. "You're going to break your arm, you can't hold it and reach up in there!"

"calm down McFly, everything is cool." I smiled and replied. "I'm rescuing your underwear!"

I continued,  "I can't reach it. I need you to lean this up a bit more and hold it against the wall."

Hesitantly, Monkey held it, "I'm not sure I can hold this for that long..."

I ducked my head under the washer and got some extra reach.

Danger Monkey exclaimed, " don't put your head under there, what if I drop the washer?"

I quipped "you're going to jail if you drop the washer, it's not that heavy and clearly you would be trying to kill me."

With my extra reach, I felt the latch, un-clicked it from the inside and Diane's underwear was saved!

"I can do anything with the google at my side!" I exclaimed and Diane shook her head at me, smiling in relief.

"Can we still go underwear shopping?" I asked coyly.

No response from Monk on that one.

thanks for reading.